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Boss it Rapid Dryer Ball

Boss it Rapid Dryer Ball

Show your energy bills who's boss.
Save up to 40% on your dryer bill.

Our ultra reflective tech bounces heat back into your laundry to minimise drying time. So you can boss drying clothes, faster.


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What is the benefit of using Boss it Rapid Dryer Ball?

Save money & time drying your laundry with Boss it Rapid Dryer Ball.It makes your tumble dryer more efficent so you can save up to 40% on your dryer bill.

Do these actually work? and if so, how much time do you save?

Yes! We have lab tested over 5,000 hours of the drying time of wet laundry with no Ball (control tests), against wet laundry with Boss it and found that they reduced tumble drying time by between 30% and 40%. Depending on dryer type, wide range of fabric weights, types of fabric etc.

Not only does Boss it dry your clothes more quickly but it is removes creases & softens your laundry whilst being kind to your skin.

How does Boss it work?

A tumble dryer works by blowing hot air on a small area of the dryer drum, which is very inefficient. Our patented ultra-reflective tech redistributes heat around the drum by bouncing heat back into your laundry, reducing the time and energy required to dry it.

Why is Boss it better than other dryer balls?

Other dryer balls help air circulation, but they also absorb a lot of heat and reflect none.Boss it allows hot air to circulate but won’t absorb heat, it reflects it into the wet load.Making it faster at drying clothes than other dryer balls.

How is Boss it ‘climate positive’?

We looked at the amount of CO2 required to manufacture, pack and transport the ball.Then we looked at the net saving of CO2 with a 25% worse case reduction in energy use by using Boss It.In a typical vented dryer, the saving in CO2 per year through using Boss It would be about 36kg.That means that if everyone in the UK with a tumble dryer, has Boss it - that is the equivalent to planting 25,000,000 trees!

How do you use Boss it laundry dryer balls?

Its simple, just pop the ball in the dryer with your washing.If you have a sensor you simply add and run, but with timer settings you would need to reduce compared to what you normally do, so if you normally set for 60 minutes for example, you would typically need to set for 45 minutes.

I have a washer dryer.  Can it go through a wash cycle?

For washer dryers, do not put the ball in during the wash cycle.Pop the ball into the drum after your wash cycle has finished.If you do leave it in the machine during the washing cycle, it will shorten the life of HeatBounce coating.Remember to take the ball out of the machine before the next wash

How light is the ball?

The ball is surprisingly light - weighing around 30g. It is the perfect weight to
get into the middle of your drum during its cycle.

How many do you use in each load of drying?

You just need one ball per machine. Make sure to remove any other dryer balls to let Boss it do it’s thing.

How long does a ball last?

Over time the ball loses its effectiveness as the Heatbounce™ coating wears off. A red outline will start to appear and be ready to be replaced in 150 cycles.

What do I do when I see red underneath?

This means Heatbounce™ coating has started to wear off. When you have an outline on Boss it, it is time to be replaced as it's not working properly.When your ball isn't saving you money anymore, send it back to us and we will recoat it for someone else.

Send to:
Unit 18a&b Redbrook Business Park, Wilthorpe Rd, Barnsley, S75 1JN

Does the ball get hot?

It can a little warm, we recommend to not touch the ball for a minute or two just after the cycle has finished.

Watch how to save up to 40% on your energy bill


Over time the ball loses its efficacy, as the Heatbounce™ coating wears off.

Over time the ball loses its efficacy, as the Heatbounce™ coating wears off.

When your ball isn’t saving you money anymore, send it back and we will recoat it for someone else.